Walking to Hardware store the day before Valentine’s Day. No reservations, cruising by to see what’s on the menu. Ran into the owner by the door, had a little bit of conversation. Definitely a class act guy. Great atmosphere. Good for families and big groups. Street parking of course. Price $$ and worth it. Owner is inviting and kind. Staff are friendly and attentive. Overall…Wonderful people! Get the Blini as an appetizer, they look like egg rolls – Chicken is the best! Food: pork ribs & lamb chops are delicious. Not spicy but very tasteful. You can definitely taste the dill garnish. Generous portions. Food presentation is A+++ What we ordered: 1. Lamb Chops with salad, mash potatoes & lavash bread. 2. Pork ribs with salad & roasted potatoes. Not shown Drinks: 1. Pear juice – not to tangy and not too sweet (perfect taste) 1. Cherry juice (bottle and man on packaging looks like Bill Murray) Starters: Bread with Butter & Chives Complimentary samples: Rye bread with veggie garnish

Arvee E.

San Diego, CA
Pushkin was a new and exciting dining experience for us. I have not had Russian food before, so I don’t know if this is par for the course, but the food had tons of flavor, more than you would expect when you order beef, chicken dishes. The ambiance is romantic, and charming with the old books, lamps, and chandelier. The owner came to chat with us and our waiter Olga was Russian and very familiar with the cuisine and excited about. I highly recommend this spot. As a bonus, on Fridays and Saturdays they have Russian live music.

Jan S.

San Carlos, CA
My husband and I went here in Feb 2016, just a few months after they opened. We were greeted by an enthusiastic hostess at the front door, and enjoyed delicious Piroshki’s, Borscht soup (of course), chicken dumplings, and scrumptious peach juice. The authenticity of the food and experience couldn’t be beat. Pusking managed to pull of a coffee shop & modern look at the same time, with a calm and inviting ambiance. The wait staff answered all our questions and added to the enjoyable night out. We will definitely be returning soon and bringing some friends!

Chloe S.

Escondido, CA
Amazing!!!!! Finally a high end Russian eatery that is consistent, delicious and has wonderful decor. We have been waiting for a long time to get Eastern European / Mediterranean fair in San Diego. I travel to SoCal for business all the time and honestly Pushkin is a breath of fresh air for Gas Lamp!!!! Cant wait to visit again and see what new specials the chief has added.

Andrey P.

Bel Marin Keys, CA