• black, red caviar
  • mixed appetizers platter
  • moscow duck
  • pot mushroom pierogi
  • steak strogonoff

Pushkin Russian Restaurant

About us

Pushkin Russian Restaurant proudly bears the name of the great Russian author Alexander Pushkin (1799 – 1837) – the poet, playwright, and prose writer who is credited with establishing modern Russian literature through his reinvention of classical Russian poetry. Since our opening in October 2015, we have focused on bringing out the authenticity and deep history of cuisines from all across the former Soviet nations, which had a tremendous impact on dishes that are popular in Russia today.

Our restaurant offers classic Russian cuisine with French and modern touch. Our sitting includes our main dining hall on the first floor, and mezzanine level from private dining and large groups.

The main Idea for our dishes comes from classic recipes but is modernized in a new and unique way. For the bar menu, we offer you craft cocktails made by our Beverage Director, who reigns over the restaurant’s dynamic cocktail program.