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Tea menu

Signature teas, unlimited refills, personal pot $5, to share $10

Black tea

Mango Black

Rich, exotic infusion combines the citrusy quality of fine Ceylon black
tea with perfectly ripened magoes

Garfden of Eden

Exotic blend of black tea is hand-blended with tropical flowers, mango and passion fruit flavor

Earl Grey Creme

Blend of Earl Grey delivers the aromatic notes of bergamot and creamy- ness of rich vanilla for a unique flavor

Earl Grey

A splendid take on a classic tea with a touch of bergamot that creates a robust rounded flavor

Green Tea

Reserve Milk Oolong

Subtly sweet Taiwanese oolong is characterized by a  creamy milk flavor that is enhanced by gentle roasting to fully unleash its buttery profile


Extra fine Japanese green tea has a light and complex green tea sweet­ness found only in high grade leaves

Moroccan Mint

Soothing mint blended with fragrant gunpowder green tea steeps a refreshing cup full of antioxidants

Cherry Rose

A light and fruity sensation of sweet cherry flavor and subtle rose hints give this tea a wonderful character

Jasmine Blueberry

Organic green tea blended with dried blueberries makes this a well-bal­anced tea with a pleasant surprise

Green Pomegranate

The essence of pomegranate is perfectly blended with raspberries and green tea for a fruity, antioxidant-rich flavor

White Coconut Creme (white tea)

A healthy white tea blend of coconut, safflowers, cornflowers and an even balance of vanilla, yielding a sweet creamy texture

Herbal Tea

Sweet dreams

A wonderfully relaxing cup of tea with a delicate aroma of chamomile, eucalyptus and mint

Peach Melba

Engulf your senses in a rush of summer flavors that capture liquid sunshine in every cup. Creamy peach and crisp apple mingle with vibrant hibiscus petals for a glowing nectar

Berry Harvest

Elegant hibiscus blooms cascade over an abundance of mouth-watering blueberries, cherries, cranberries, strawberries, and currants in this scrumptious cocktail

Blood Orange

A beautiful caffeine-free blend of citrus and creamy flavor notes are reminiscent of a creamsicle